Basement Remodeling

The basement is one of the most neglected rooms in many homes. It’s usually dark, damp, and uninviting. The lack of natural light makes it difficult to use for anything other than storage or a playroom for kids. But by adding some finishing touches to your remodeling project, you can turn your basement into an inviting living space that will complement the rest of your own home!

What is basement remodel?

Most basements are often-overlooked and underappreciated part of the home. However, there are many reasons to take a good look at it and consider doing some remodeling. Basement remodeling can be as simple as installing drywall or as complex as building an additional room.

Basement remodeling is the process of renovating a basement. It can be done for various reasons, such as adding more living space or improving the home’s exterior aesthetics. Basement remodels may involve everything from moving basement walls to installing new plumbing and electrical systems. A few popular types of basement renovations include finishing unfinished spaces, adding insulation, and building in storage closets and mudrooms.

What are the benefits of basement remodel?

It increases resale value.

Some buyers tend to be drawn to homes with more finished living space. Adding a bathroom, for example, can make the finished basement more appealing and give it some of the features of an upper-level bedroom or family room.

It provides extra storage space.

Many people struggle with finding enough storage space in their homes as they attempt to keep up with the demands of modern living. Adding a new storage basement space, like an extra closet or shelving unit, can go a long way to solving this problem and freeing up some valuable upper floors space in the process.

It creates more livable square footage.

The average home has around 50% of its total square footage devoted to areas not regularly occupied by its occupants. A brand new basement can go a long way toward increasing that percentage of livable square footage, making the home feel more spacious and open.

Of course, there are many reasons to love your finished basement! Remodeling it can add value to your home while providing you with extra space for storage or entertainment purposes. If these benefits sound good to you, contact your local Malibu Remodelers.

How to choose the right contractor for your needs?

Based on their experience.

When looking for a remodeling contractor, make sure they have a proven track record of success. The contractor should be able to show you proof that their clients are satisfied with the work and it has been completed promptly. They should give you clear basement ideas on what you want and like.

By asking friends, family, or neighbors for recommendations.

Word-of-mouth referrals from people who have had remodeling projects done recently can often provide the best source of information. Ask friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had a renovation if they were pleased with the work and how long it took to get done.

By checking online for reviews and ratings on social media sites like Facebook and Google+.

You can also lookup your contractor by name on Google+ or Yelp – check out the reviews to see what other customers have had to say about their work. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you ask them specific questions about your project.

What are the basement remodel costs involved in the entire process?

Material costs.

The cost of the materials needed for your project must also be considered. The quality and type of material used will vary depending on what you are looking for in terms of results, but it is important to remember that high-quality materials can often make a big difference in how long they stand up against wear-and-tear over time.

Labor costs.

The cost of labor for basement remodeling projects can vary depending on the work being done, but expect to pay more for tasks that require special training or skills. For example, a plumber may charge higher rates than your average contractor because they have extensive knowledge and experience working with pipes in homes.

Malibu Remodelers – Our Services

Unfinished basement.

It is our expertise to transform unfinished basements into beautiful living spaces. We have been in the business for years and we understand how important it is to stay within your budget yet complete a great job on time with high-quality results, every single time!


We all know that mudrooms are popular today but did you also know they can add value to your home? We specialize in high-quality mudroom construction and design, your family will love it!


Adding a bathroom to the basement is one of the most popular vways to add value for homeowners who are looking at basement remodeling projects. It provides extra storage space. Bathrooms can be designed to include everything from custom vanities to walk-in closets.

Wet bar.

These are great for entertaining, they can be used as a minibar or even just an extra counter space in your kitchen! They come with all sorts of features like drawers and cabinets – matching the rest of your home’s d├ęcor perfectly!